Those who are against Udodov are against Mishustin

09.05.2024 09:27

The VChCh-OGPU Telegram channel and Rucriminal.info continue to tell how businessman and former son-in-law of Mikhail Mishustin Alexander Udodov, and at the same time the manager of all the “shady affairs” of the resigning prime minister and a contender for the place of prime minister in the new government, continues to actually manage the most profitable divisions of the Federal Tax Service, replenishing their own and Mishustin’s treasury.

According to the source, a very important business area of ​​Alexander Udodov at the Federal Tax Service is the topic of bankruptcy of large taxpayers and pre-trial settlement of disputes between the Federal Tax Service and these large taxpayers. It’s just a goldmine. These areas are supervised by Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Viktor Batsiev and another Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Konstantin Chekmyshev. For example, Batsiev is a former judge and has serious connections in the arbitration system. He oversees the work of pre-trial regulation of tax disputes. Previously, it was supervised by Arakelov. Chekmyshev oversees the work with taxpayers’ debts and ensuring bankruptcy procedures.

Михаил Мишустин

That is, if the taxpayer did not manage to agree not to be included in the inspection plan or did not agree on the GNP, then he can always agree at the stage of pre-trial regulation and bankruptcy. The position of the Federal Tax Service in relation to the taxpayer before the courts and law enforcement agencies depends on Batsiev and Chekmyshev. Position on amounts to the budget and, no less important, on the timing of their payment, as well as security issues and more. And this is one of the key areas of business along with other Udodov (and, accordingly, Mishustinp). Either help the taxpayer for rent, or squeeze out something worthwhile through bankruptcy procedures and power resources. Here, taxpayers already agree to a lot so as not to lose everything and freedom, like Khotin, who, however, was also accompanied by Udodov since 2014, but then simply abandoned. Everyone was discussing this in the corridors on Neglinnaya. Udodov puts all commands directly to the head of the Federal Tax Service, Egorov, although he personally knows Batsiev and Chekmyshev well. Mishustin tries to distance himself from dark affairs and very rarely directly gives illegal commands. Why, if there is Udodov for these matters. Despite his modest image, Mishustin has strong presidential ambitions and the support of whoever he needs. No kidding. All this, for example, is known to the Federal Tax Service and the Government apparatus, and the apparatus largely consists of people from the Federal Tax Service. They make plans and see themselves in higher positions. Now the main task is to preserve the premiership and completely take control of the financial and economic bloc. Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Federal Customs Service. “Squeeze out Belousov, Nabiullina, Siluanov and definitely Patrushev Jr. There are also plans for state corporations. Therefore, Mishustin introduces Udodov to the interested parties directly and gives Udodov the control center, and Udodov already carries out everything through contacts in the Federal Tax Service. This is how it works now. This has been the case for the last 3-4 years.

For example, the structures of Gutseriev and Timchenko are served by Udodov, and it was Mishustin who introduced them. Oligarch Timchenko, Governor Vorobiev, Udodov are frequent guests at Mishustin’s birthdays. Thanks to the fact that Mishustin resolves issues of various bigwigs with the Federal Tax Service, in fact covering them up and depriving the budget of accruals, he gains the loyalty of these bigwigs. Which is paramount for his career. That is, for Mishustin Udodov, this is the most valuable personnel and a close person who knows everything, but who is subject to unspoken immunity from the security forces. The Federal Tax Service calls Udodov untouchable. But Udodov himself corrupted them. Tkacheva, Ivanova, Kurnosenko and Alpatova. If Udodov says something and asks from the Federal Tax Service or government structures, it means there is an MV (Mishutin) visa. This is an unspoken rule that everyone in the Government and the tax office knows. Those who are against Udodov are against Mishustin. The former deputy head of the Federal Tax Service Arakelov confirmed this with his example when he was pushed aside. At the same time, Udodov has many envious people and ill-wishers in the Federal Tax Service. Many smile, but hold the dagger behind their back. Everyone knows what bribe capital he passes through himself, but shares only a small part. Gives crumbs from the table. But no one can show it to him. Afraid.

Who can be classified as people who hate Udodov? . Of course, this is Arakelov and his entire team (former head of the department for pre-trial regulation, and now head of the Central Asia department for the largest taxpayers Elena Suvorova, former head of Interregional Committee No. 4 Vladimir Grigoriev), former head of Interregional Committee No. 3 Alexey Rzhevsky (now Suvorova’s deputy and an agent in this Udodov’s division), former head of Mezhregionalka No. 2 (oil and gas industry) Tatyana Deeva, former head of Mezhregionalka No. 5 Olga Makhalova, current head of Mezhregionalka No. 3 Alexander Shaurin (partner of Roman Zolotov and head of Department "F" Alexander Ivanov), former head of the control department Maxim Chalikov, deputy control department of the Central Administration of the Federal Tax Service Petr Bobrov, former head of one of the key departments of the control department Igor Savchenko, deputy head of the Federal Tax Service about the Moscow region Alexey Yarovoy, former head of the Federal Tax Service for the Ryazan region Vyacheslav Morozov.

Each of them has their own motive. Someone hates Udodov. Someone is jealous. He did not share with someone in the right way on some topic. Rzhevsky, Deeva, Makhalova have financial claims against Udodov. Didn’t help someone grow their career. Savchenko, also Rzhevsky and Morozov. These are the best witnesses against Udodov. Like Egorov himself, Chalikov, Shulga, Andrey Savchenko from the region and others.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued